Set up a managed instance

Sourcegraph can be installed and managed by the Sourcegraph team.


Managed instances are hosted on Sourcegraph’s cloud infrastructure, and are accessible at a subdomain.

Need to use your own infrastructure? Please contact us to discuss options and pricing.


With a managed instance, Sourcegraph’s Distribution Engineering team manages the full lifecycle of your Sourcegraph deployment. This includes:

Additionally, Sourcegraph would support your internal rollout programs, including:

  • Providing templates for introduction emails to the engineering organization
  • Holding company-wide or team-by-team training sessions (contact us for details)
  • Helping the maintainers of your internal engineer onboarding add a session on Sourcegraph
  • Holding ongoing brown bag lunches to introduce new feature releases



  • A dedicated project manager point of contact for the rollout process
  • A mutual non-disclosure agreement, and any additional approvals or special status required to allow Sourcegraph to manage infrastructure access tokens (listed below)
  • Acceptance of our Terms of Service for private instances or an enterprise contract



Your managed instance would be accessible over HTTPS/TLS, provide storage volumes that are encrypted at rest, and would have access restricted using your internal single sign-on provider of choice.

Only essential Sourcegraph teammates would have access to your instance frontend, server, code, and any other sensitive materials, such as tokens or keys. The employees or contractors with access would be bound by the same terms as Sourcegraph itself.

Learn more in our network security policies for Sourcegraph Cloud.

Other requests

Special requests, including non-standard network access policies or integration with your VPN, hosting on custom infrastructure or with non-standard software, custom version control systems, and more, may require additional time, support, and fees. Contact us to discuss your needs.