User data deletion

As a site administrator, you have the ability to delete users and their associated data on the Admin -> Users page (

On this page, you are presented two options:

  • “Delete”: the user and ALL associated data is marked as deleted in the DB and never served again.
  • “Delete forever”: the user and ALL associated data is permanently removed from the DB (you CANNOT undo this).

When deleting a user with either option, the following information is removed:

  • All user data (access tokens, email addresses, external account info, survey responses, etc)
  • Organization membership information (which organizations the user is a part of, any invitations created by or targeting the user).
  • Sourcegraph extensions published by the user on the instance the deletion request is sent to.
  • User, Organization, or Global settings authored or modified by the user.
  • Bulk operations on changesets and batch changes created by the user.