Sourcegraph periodically sends a ping to to help our product and customer teams. It sends only the high-level data below. It never sends code, repository names, usernames, or any other specific data. To learn more, go to the Site admin > Pings page on your instance. (The URL is

  • Sourcegraph version string
  • Deployment type (single-node or Kubernetes cluster)
  • Whether the instance is deployed on localhost (true/false)
  • Randomly generated site identifier
  • The email address of the initial site installer (or if deleted, the first active site admin), to know who to contact regarding sales, product updates, and policy updates
  • Which category of authentication provider is in use (built-in, OpenID Connect, an HTTP proxy, SAML, GitHub, GitLab)
  • Which categories of external service are in use (GitHub, Bitbucket Server, GitLab, Phabricator, Gitolite, AWS CodeCommit, Other)
  • Whether new user signup is allowed (true/false)
  • Whether a repository has ever been added (true/false)
  • Whether a code search has ever been executed (true/false)
  • Whether code intelligence has ever been used (true/false)
  • Total count of existing user accounts
  • Aggregate counts of current daily, weekly, and monthly users
  • Aggregate counts of current users using code host integrations
  • Aggregate counts of current users by product feature (site management, code search and navigation, code review, saved searches, diff searches)

To disable pings, please contact support.