Code intelligence overview

Code intelligence provides advanced code navigation and cross-references for your code on Sourcegraph, your code host, and your code review tools:

  • Hover tooltips with documentation and type signatures
  • Go-to-definition
  • Find references
  • Symbol search

Code intelligence works out of the box with all of the most popular programming language extensions using our search-based basic code intelligence.

There are two ways to get more precise code intelligence:

Code intelligence is provided by Sourcegraph extensions.

By spinning up Sourcegraph, you can get code intelligence:

  • On the Sourcegraph web interface
  • On code files on your code host, via our integrations
  • On diffs in your code review tool, via our integrations
  • Via the Sourcegraph API (for programmatic access)

Hover tooltips with documentation and type signatures (using a language server)

Go to definition (using a language server)

Find references (using a language server)

GitHub pull request and file integration (using a language server)

Symbol sidebar

Getting started