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Find and fix things across all of your code faster with Sourcegraph. Onboard to a new codebase, make large-scale refactors, increase efficiency, address security risks, root-cause incidents, and more.

This website is home to Sourcegraph’s feature, administration (including deployment and configuration), and development documentation.

Getting started

Try Sourcegraph locally

You can quickly try out Sourcegraph locally using Docker, which takes only a few minutes and lets you try out all of its features:

docker run -d --publish 7080:7080 --publish --rm --volume ~/.sourcegraph/config:/etc/sourcegraph --volume ~/.sourcegraph/data:/var/opt/sourcegraph sourcegraph/server:3.41.0

For next steps, visit the Docker deployment documentation.

Core documentation

Features and tutorials


Cloud documentation

Self-hosted documentation

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