What is Cody?

Cody is a free, open-source AI coding assistant that writes, understands, and fixes code. Cody is powered by Sourcegraph's code graph and uses knowledge of your entire codebase to give more accurate answers and generate idiomatic code.

Think of Cody as your personal AI coding assistant, equipped with a comprehensive understanding of three crucial elements:

  1. Your entire codebase
  2. Vast knowledge of open source code
  3. Extensive training data for code understanding and problem-solving

Getting started

To start using Cody, pick one of the following:

Main features

Cody's main features include:

Feature Description
Autocomplete Cody makes context-based code autocompletions. Cody can autocomplete single lines or whole functions in any programming language, configuration file, or documentation.
Chat Ask Cody questions in the chat view or inline with code, and it will use Sourcegraph’s code graph to answer using knowledge of your codebase.
Commands Cody has quick commands for common actions, such as adding code documentation, generating unit tests, and detecting code smells.

Join our community

If you have any questions regarding Cody, you can always ask our community on GitHub Discussions, Discord, or Twitter.


More resources

For more information on what to do next, we recommend the following resources: