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How are active users calculated?

Any user who accesses Sourcegraph in a given month is considered a monthly active user (MAU). This includes but is not limited to:

  • Conducting a search in the Sourcegraph UI or extension
  • Hovering and navigating code in the Sourcegraph UI or extension
  • Viewing a file or repository in Sourcegraph
  • Creating, viewing or receiving a code monitor
  • Creating, viewing, modifying or applying a batch change
  • Creating, viewing or modifying a code insight
  • Creating, viewing or modifying a search notebook

How is this measured in the product?

A user who has accessed Sourcegraph is counted as active once they complete an action that represents product usage, such as events logged by the eventLogger and events logged by Sourcegraph integrations like browser and IDE extensions, within a specified time period (commonly expressed in daily, weekly or monthly), with the following filters:

  • All actions done by the system where an event is also logged, such as sending a ping to Sourcegraph.
  • Certain events relating to user authentication (full list here). These same filters are also implemented separetely in our in-product analytics code.