Cody Pricing

Learn about the different plans available for Cody.

Cody provides three subscription plans: Free, Pro, and Enterprise. Each plan is aimed to cater to a diverse range of users, from individual projects to large-scale enterprises. Cody Free includes basic features, while the Pro and Enterprise plans offer additional advanced features and resources to meet varying user requirements.


The free plan is designed for individuals to get started with Cody. It comes with a set of features to enhance your coding experience. It includes 500 autocompletion suggestions per month, covering both whole and multi-line suggestions. You also get 20 chats/commands per month with access to creating Custom Commands.

The free plan provides access to local context with keyword search and embeddings on open-source code via You get 200 MB of embeddings over your lifetime and can manage these from the user settings in VS Code, with JetBrains IDE support coming soon. If you embed 150 MB of code, you can only embed another 50 MB of code. If you delete that 150 MB of code embedding, the original 200 MB of code embeddings will be available again.

The free plan ensures local context utilization and allows you to seamlessly integrate Cody into your preferred client, whether it's VSCode, JetBrains, or Neovim. Finally, you'll have default support with Anthropic and StarCoder as the officially supported LLMs.

Billing cylce

There is no billing cycle for Cody Free, as it is free to use. If you complete your monthly autocompletions or chat/commands limit, you'll be prompted to upgrade to the Pro plan. Otherwise, you'll have to wait approximately 30 days for the limits to reset.

The reset date is based on your sign-up date. For example, if you sign up on December 15th, your limit will reset on January 15th.

Upgrading from Free to Pro

Until February 2024, you can upgrade to Cody Pro for free. If you want to continue using Cody Pro after February 2024, you get that at a monthly price of $9 per user per month.


Cody Pro, designed for individuals or small teams at $9 per user per month, offers an enhanced coding experience beyond the free plan. It provides unlimited autocompletion suggestions, allowing users to streamline their coding process without restrictions. Chat and commands executions are also unlimited, allowing users to create custom workflows.

The plan includes the ability to create an unlimited number of Custom Commands for personalized workflows. In addition to using the local context of your code to improve responses, you can embed up to 1 GB of your private code for even better Cody responses that reflect a deep understanding of your code in VS Code, with JetBrains IDE support coming soon.

Support for Cody Pro is available through Discord, ensuring prompt assistance and guidance. Finally, you'll have default support with Anthropic and StarCoder as the officially supported LLMs. Moreover, Pro accounts using VS Code IDE will get an LLM selection for chat only. These LLMs are Claude Instant 1.2, Claude 2, ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo, ChatGPT 4 Turbo Preview, and Mixtral.

Downgrading from Pro to Free

To revert back to Cody Free from Pro:

  • Go to your Sourcegraph dashboard Cody > Manage
  • Next, Manage subscription that takes you to Cody > Subscription
  • Clicks Cancel on the Pro tier to cancel your Pro subscription
  • This automatically downgrades you to Cody Free

Upgrading from Pro to Enterprise

To upgrade from Cody Pro to Cody Enterprise, you should Contact Sales and connect with one of our account teams. They will help you set up your account and start with Cody Enterprise.


Cody Enterprise is designed for enterprises prioritizing security and administrative controls. We offer either seat-based or token based pricing models, depending on what makes most sense for your organization. You get additional capabilities like BYOLLM (Bring Your Own LLM), supporting Single-Tenant and Self Hosted setups for flexible coding environments.

Security features include SAML/SSO for enhanced authentication and guardrails to enforce coding standards. Cody Enterprise supports advanced Code Graph context and multi-code host context for a deeper understanding of codebases, especially in complex projects. With 24/5 enhanced support, Cody Enterprise ensures timely assistance.

Plans Comparison

The following table shows a high-level comparison of the three plans available on Cody.

Features Free Pro Enterprise
Autocompletion suggestions 500 per month (whole + multi-line) Unlimited Unlimited
Chat/Command Executions 20 per month Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Commands Supported Supported Supported
Embeddings (public code) Supported Supported Supported
Embeddings (private code) 200 MB 1 GB Greater than 1 GB and scalable
Keyword Context (local code) Supported Supported Supported
Developer Limitations 1 developer Up to 50 devs Scalable, consumption-based pricing
LLM Support Anthropic + Starcoder for Chat, Commands, and Autocomplete Choice of LLMs for Chat (VS Code only), Anthropic + Starcoder for Commands and Autocomplete Bring Your Own LLM Key (experimental)
Code Editor Support VS Code, JetBrains IDEs, and Neovim VS Code, JetBrains IDEs, and Neovim VS Code, JetBrains IDEs, and Neovim
Single-Tenant and Self Hosted N/A N/A Yes
Guardrails N/A N/A Yes
Advanced Code Graph Context N/A N/A Included
Multi-Code Host Context N/A N/A Included
Discord Support No Yes Yes
24/5 Enhanced Support N/A N/A Yes