G Suite and Chrome Enterprise integration

You can now install and preconfigure the Sourcegraph Chrome extension for all users in your G Suite organization.

This means that everyone in your organization will get code intelligence in files, diffs, and PRs on GitHub.com, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, and Phabricator. After the admin configures G Suite automatic installation of the Chrome extension, each user’s Chrome browser will install and configure the Sourcegraph Chrome extension automatically. (It may take a few hours to fully propagate the Chrome settings.) Then all users will see code intelligence like this:

Automatically install with G Suite

  1. Open the G Suite admin settings page for the Sourcegraph Chrome extension. (Check that the link opens the correct G Suite account, if you’re signed in with multiple accounts.)
  2. Click User settings.
  3. Click the name of the organization in the list.
  4. Enable Force installation.
  5. Configure the extension by replacing https://sourcegraph.example.com in the following code block with your Sourcegraph instance’s URL: { "sourcegraphURL": { "Value": "https://sourcegraph.example.com" } }

For more information, see “Configuring Apps and Extensions by Policy”.