Sourcegraph Architecture Overview

This is a high level overview of Sourcegraph’s architecture so you can understand how our systems fit together.


We maintain multiple Sourcegraph clients:

These clients generally communicate with a Sourcegraph instance (either or a private customer instance) through our GraphQL API. There are also a small number of REST endpoints for specific use-cases.


Our backend is composed of multiple services:

  • Most are Go services found in the cmd folder.
  • Syntect server is our syntax highlighting service written in Rust. It is not horizontally scalable so only 1 replica is supported.
  • LSIF server provide precise code intelligence based on the LISF data format. It is written in TypeScript.
  • zoekt-indexserver and zoekt-webserver provide indexed search. It is written in Go.



Here are some guides to help you understand how multiple systems fit together:

  • Life of a search query
  • Search pagination
  • Future topics we will cover here:
    • Life of a repository (i.e. how does code end up on gitserver?)
    • Sourcegraph extension architecture
    • Web app and browser extension architecture