Getting started

Follow these steps to get started with campaigns on your Sourcegraph instance:

  1. Enable the campaigns feature flag: “Enabling Campaigns”.

    Since campaigns are currently in beta, they’re behind a feature flag and need to be enabled by a site admin.

  2. Optional: Make campaigns accessible to non-site-admins. “Read-access for non-site-admins”.

  3. Check your code host configuration: “Code host configuration”.

    Since campaigns create changesets on code hosts, the code host configuration in Sourcegraph and the account associated with it need the correct access rights.

  4. Set up the src CLI on your machine: Installation and setup instructions.

Now you’re ready to create a campaign from patches or to create a manual campaign. Make sure to also take a look at the example campaigns.

It’s optional, but we highly recommended to setup webhook integration on your Sourcegraph instance for optimal syncing performance between your code host and Sourcegraph.