Example: Adding a GitHub action to upload LSIF data to Sourcegraph

Our goal for this campaign is to add a GitHub Action that generates and uploads LSIF data to Sourcegraph by adding a .github/workflows/lsif.yml file to each repository that doesn’t have it yet.

The first thing we need is an action definition that we can execute with the src CLI tool and its src actions exec subcommand.

Here is an action.json file that runs a Docker container based on the Docker image called add-lsif-to-build-pipeline-action in each repository that has a go.mod file, github in its name and no .github/workflows/lsif.yml file:

  "scopeQuery": "repohasfile:go.mod repo:github -repohasfile:.github/workflows/lsif.yml",
  "steps": [
      "type": "docker",
      "image": "add-lsif-to-build-pipeline-action"

Save that as action.json.

In order to build the Docker image, we first need to create a file called github-action-workflow-golang.yml with the following content:

name: LSIF
  - push
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/[email protected]
      - name: Generate LSIF data
        uses: sourcegraph/[email protected]
          verbose: "true"
      - name: Upload LSIF data
        uses: sourcegraph/[email protected]
          github_token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

This is the definition of the GitHub action that we want to add to every repository returned by our "scopeQuery".

Next we create the Dockerfile:

FROM alpine:3
ADD ./github-action-workflow-golang.yml /tmp/workflows/

CMD mkdir -p .github/workflows && \
  DEST=.github/workflows/lsif.yml; \
  if [ ! -f .github/workflows/lsif.yml ]; then \
    cp /tmp/workflows/github-action-workflow-golang.yml $DEST; \
  else \
    echo Doing nothing because existing LSIF workflow found at $DEST; \

Now we’re ready to run the action and create the campaign:

  1. Build the Docker image:

    docker build -t add-lsif-to-build-pipeline-action
  2. Run the action and create a patch set:

    src actions exec -f action.json | src campaign patchset create-from-patches
  3. Follow the printed instructions to create and run the campaign on Sourcegraph.