How to accept an external contribution

This page outlines how to accept a contribution to the Sourcegraph repository.


  1. If the cla-bot check fails, ensure that that contributor signed the CLA by filling out the form. You may have to wait up to 30 minutes for the form response to be synchronized to the contributors list.
    1. A sync can also be manually triggered from the sync workflow.
  2. Comment on the pull request: @cla-bot check.
  3. The verification/cla-signed workflow should become green. 🎉


To request a Buildkite build for a pull request from a fork, a build must be manually requested after reviewing the contributor's changes. A successful Buildkite build is required for a pull request to be merged.

Request a build directly

Once changes have been reviewed, a build can be requested directly for a commit with the sg CLI:

sg ci build --commit $COMMIT

Check out and request a build

To check out a pull request's code locally, use the gh CLI:

gh pr checkout $NUMBER

Alternatively, it is also possible to check out the branch without having to re-clone the forked repo by running the following—make sure that the created branch name exactly matches their branch name, otherwise Buildkite will not match the created build to their branch:

git fetch [email protected]:$THEIR_USERNAME/sourcegraph $THEIR_BRANCH:$THEIR_BRANCH

Then, use the sg CLI to request a build after reviewing the code:

sg ci build