Troubleshooting Code Insights

This is a collection of issues or other information that might be helpful when troubleshooting a problem with Code Insights.

Recurring OOM (out of memory) alerts from the frontend service

This may be the result of an excessively large query being executed by code insights.

Code Insights processes some queries in the background of the worker service. These queries use the GraphQL API, which means they are aggregated entirely on the frontend service. Large result sets can cause the frontend service to run out of memory and crash with an OOM error. These queries can get stuck in an error loop until they hit the maximum retry value, causing repeated frontend crashes.

Queries such as matching on every line in every repository or other queries with a similar scale may be responsible.


  1. Check the frontend dashboards (General / Frontend) in Grafana

    1. Check for individual instances with spiked (to 100%) memory usage on Container monitoring - Container memory by instance
  2. Check the background worker dashboards for Code Insights (General / Worker) in Grafana

    1. Check for elevated error rates on Codeinsights: dbstore stats - Aggregate store operation error rate over 5m
    2. Check for a queue size greater than zero on Codeinsights: Query Runner Queue - Code insights query runner queue size
  3. (admin-only) Check the queries currently in background processing using the GraphQL query

       query seriesStatus {
       insightSeriesQueryStatus {
    1. Inspecting queries with errored or failed counts may provide a hint to which query is responsible.
  4. Check Postgres pgsql for any queries stuck in a retry loop

select * from insights_query_runner_jobs
where state = 'errored'
and started_at > current_timestamp - INTERVAL '1 day'
order by insights_query_runner_jobs.started_at desc;

Resolution Options

  1. Increase the memory available to the frontend pods until it is sufficiently large enough to execute the responsible query.
    1. The error rate on the Code Insights dashboards should return to zero.
  2. (admin-only) Disable any specific queries identified to be problematic using the GraphQL operation by providing a specific SeriesId.
mutation updateInsightSeries($input: UpdateInsightSeriesInput!) {
  updateInsightSeries(input:$input) {
    series {
  "input": {
    "seriesId": "s:5FE04D15D1150A134407E7EF078028F6DA5224BBADB1718A92E46046AC9F2E0B",
    "enabled": false
  1. Disable any problematic queries stuck in an error loop in Postgres pgsql
update insights_query_runner_jobs
    set state = 'failed'
where id = ?;

OOB Migration has made progress, but is stuck before reaching 100%

This out-of-band migration is titled: Migrating insight definitions from settings files to database tables as a last stage to use the GraphQL API.

The out-of-band migration shouldn't take more than an hour to complete. (It really shouldn't take more than a few minutes.) If the progress hasn't reached 100% in this duration some records may be stuck due to errors.

Known issues:

  • Deleted users/orgs will cause processing errors, and those jobs will need to be manually marked as complete.

Diagnose and Resolve

  1. First check the Recent Errors under the migration in the UI.
    1. If the error messages are all: UserStoreGetById: user not found

      • This is caused by deleted users. It will be safe to mark these rows as completed by running the following against pgsql:

        UPDATE insights_settings_migration_jobs SET completed_at = NOW() WHERE completed_at IS NULL;
    2. If the error messages are all: OrgStoreGetByID: org not found

      • This is caused by deleted orgs. In this case, mark just the org rows as completed by running the following against pgsql:

        UPDATE insights_settings_migration_jobs SET completed_at = NOW() WHERE completed_at IS NULL AND org_id IS NOT NULL;
      • Note: this only completes the failing org jobs. You may then see the user not found error above, and will still need to mark the rest of the jobs as complete.

    3. If the error messages are neither of those two things, this is not currently a known issue. Contact support and we can help!