Using your own Redis server

Version requirements: We support any version starting from 5.0. Redis Cluster and Redis Sentinel are not supported.

Generally, there is no reason to do this as Sourcegraph only stores ephemeral cache and session data in Redis. However, if you want to use an external Redis server with Sourcegraph, you can follow the deployment specific guidance below:


Add the REDIS_ENDPOINT environment variable to your docker run command and Sourcegraph will use that Redis server instead of its built-in one. The string must either have the format $HOST:PORT or follow the IANA specification for Redis URLs (e.g., redis://:[email protected]:6379/2). For example:

docker run [...]   -e   sourcegraph/server:5.0.0

If using Docker for Desktop, host.docker.internal will resolve to the host IP address.


Kubernetes with Helm

See the Helm Redis guidance here

Kubernetes without Helm