Managed Sourcegraph instances

The Sourcegraph team can host and manage a Sourcegraph instance for you on our Google Cloud infrastructure at e.g.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us to start a trial or discuss pricing and requirements.


The Sourcegraph team will provision and manage a Sourcegraph deployment for you in completely isolated and secure cloud infrastructure. It will be restricted to only your organization through your enterprise VPN and/or SSO provider of choice.


Please contact us to discuss pricing and to start a trial.


Managed instances support most small to large enterprises well, but due to technical limitations cannot support extra-large organizations requiring a cluster deployment. Please contact us to discuss options.


As part of this service you will receive a number of benefits from our team, including:

Initial setup, configuration, and cost estimation

Access restrictions

  • Granting your team application-level admin access to the instance.
  • Configuring any IP-restrictions (e.g. VPN) and/or SSO restrictions to the instance.

Monthly upgrades and maintenance

  • Automatic monthly upgrades and maintenance.
  • Regular reassessment of resource utilization based on your organization's unique usage to determine if costs can be reduced without impact to service. Additionally, you will automatically benefit from any committed use cloud provider discounts we receive.

Health monitoring, support, and SLAs

Training, feedback, and engagement

As with any Sourcegraph enterprise customer, you will also receive support from us with:

  • Installing code host and code review integrations
  • Monitoring and aggregating user feedback
  • Understanding usage statistics of your deployment
  • Internal rollout programs including:
    • Holding company-wide or team-by-team training sessions (contact us for details)
    • Helping the maintainers of your internal engineer onboarding add a session on Sourcegraph
    • Holding ongoing brown bag lunches to introduce new feature releases
    • Advice and templates on how to introduce Sourcegraph to your engineering organization



  • A dedicated project manager point of contact for the rollout process
  • A mutual non-disclosure agreement, and any additional approvals or special status required to allow Sourcegraph to manage infrastructure access tokens (listed below)
  • Acceptance of our Terms of Service for private instances or an enterprise contract



Your managed instance will be accessible over HTTPS/TLS, provide storage volumes that are encrypted at rest, and would have access restricted to only your team through your enterprise VPN and/or internal SSO (single sign-on provider) of choice.

It will be hosted in completely isolated Google Cloud infrastructure, with minimal access even within the Sourcegraph team, both for security and billing purposes. See our employee handbook to learn more about the cloud architecture we use. Both your team and limited Sourcegraph personnel will have application-level administrator access to the instance.

Only essential Sourcegraph personnel will have access to the instance, server, code, and any other sensitive materials, such as tokens or keys. The employees or contractors with access would be bound by the same terms as Sourcegraph itself. Learn more in our network security policies for Sourcegraph Cloud or contact us with any questions/concerns.

Accommodating special requirements

We may be able to support special requests (network access policies, infrastructure requirements, custom version control systems, etc.) with additional time, support, and fees. Contact us to discuss any special requirements you may have.