Team meeting

Schedule: 10:30-11:30am PST/PDT Monday (link in the calendar event)


  1. Graph awards
  2. Birthdays/anniversaries
  3. Inspiration of the week (message @dan to volunteer to present an inspiration)
  4. Sales
  5. Publicity
  6. Ops and on-call review
  7. Product and development updates
    • All information presented must accessible in written form from the product roadmap. If it’s important enough to be presented at team meeting, it’s important enough to be written down. (It doesn’t need to be perfectly spec’d—it’s OK if it’s written down in a file on a branch, in draft form, etc.)
    • Each row in the current month’s product roadmap table is presented by the team members listed, in the same order (top to bottom) as the table.
    • When deciding what to say about your work, consider the following.
      • What is the goal of the project? What problem does it solve?
      • Who is the intended target user of the project?
      • Has the plan changed? Why?
      • What might be interesting/surprising/exciting to the team about the project?
      • Is there a risk of not shipping as planned (features or schedule)?
      • If there’s nothing valuable to say about the project, or if you can’t answer these questions, talk with @sqs ASAP.
  8. Hiring
  9. Other announcements
    • Also share these announcements in team chat in #general.
  10. IQ&A (internal questions and answers)
  11. Developers developers developers!