Sourcegraph Enterprise vs. Sourcegraph OSS

Sourcegraph offers two versions of its product: Sourcegraph Open Source (Sourcegraph OSS) and Sourcegraph Enterprise.

Sourcegraph Enterprise is Sourcegraph’s primary offering and includes all code intelligence platform features, like:

  • Code Search
  • Code navigation
  • Batch Changes
  • Code Insights

See the detailed feature comparison for a list of all features.

Sourcegraph Enterprise is the best solution for enterprises who want to use Sourcegraph with their organization’s code. Sourcegraph Enterprise is available via our paid plans. Teams of up to 10 developers can use a limited version of Sourcegraph Enterprise for free.

Sourcegraph OSS only includes universal code search functionality and does not include any code intelligence platform or enterprise features. Sourcegraph OSS does not include:

  • Code navigation
  • Batch Changes
  • Code Insights
  • Code monitoring
  • Notebooks
  • SSO
  • Browser/IDE extensions
  • And more

Sourcegraph OSS is built as a single container which limits scalability.

Check out our handbook for additional details on Sourcegraph OSS.

Getting started

Sourcegraph Enterprise can be run in a variety of environments, from cloud to self-hosted to your local machine. For most customers, we recommend Sourcegraph Cloud, managed entirely by Sourcegraph. Visit the get started section of the docs for details on every deployment option.

Developers can use Sourcegraph OSS without agreeing to any enterprise licensing terms by building their own server image. If they do so, no code from our enterprise-licensed features will be included in their Sourcegraph deployment.

In practice, Sourcegraph OSS involves:

  • Removing the enterprise directories from the repository
  • Building your own docker image (you can’t just use ours)

Detailed feature comparison

License Sourcegraph Open Source (Sourcegraph OSS) Sourcegraph App Sourcegraph Enterprise
Tier NA Free Business Enterprise
Price Free Free for 1 user $99 per active user/month Custom pricing
Code intelligence platform
Code Search
Cody (QA or CodeGen) ✓ (limited)
Code navigation (go to definition/find references)
Batch Changes 10 changesets
Code Insights 2 insights
Code monitoring
Comprehensive API
Code host integrations
# of code host integrations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
# of private repositories Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Security, compliance, and admin
SOC 2 Type II
In-product analytics
User and admin roles
Standard repository permissions
Custom repository permissions API
Private instance access
Scale and performance
Cloud code storage Up to 75GB Over 75GB
Executors 2 4
Support Community Community 24/5 support 24/5 support
Technical Account Manager Available
Support SLA Standard Priority
Single-tenant cloud deployment
Self-hosted deployment
Air-gapped deployment Add-on
Usage and billing
Price Free Free $99 per active user/month

Platform access fee may apply

Custom pricing

Platform access fee may apply

Contract length NA NA Annual Annual
Payment method NA NA Invoice Invoice