Run a local Sourcegraph instance behind ngrok

Sometimes it's useful to have the Sourcegraph instance you're running on yourlocal machine to be reachable over the internet. If you're testing webhooks, forexample, where a code host needs to be able to send requests to your instances.

One way to do that is to use ngrok, a reverse proxy thatallows you to expose your instance to the internet.

  1. Install ngrok: brew install ngrok
  2. Authenticate the ngrok if this is your first time running it (the token can be obtained from Ngrok dashboard): ngrok config add-authtoken <Your token>
  3. Start your Sourcegraph instance: sg start
  4. Start ngrok and point it at Sourcegraph: ngrok http --host-header=rewrite 3080
  5. Copy the Forwarding URL ngrok displays. e.g.:
  6. Edit your site-config (i.e. ../dev-private/enterprise/dev/site-config.json) and update the "externalURL" to point to your ngrok: "externalURL": ""
  7. Open the ngrok URL in browser to make sure you see your instance
  8. Done