Quickstart step 6: Start the server

  1. Navigate to the sourcegraph source code folder

    cd sourcegraph
  2. (with docker) Start the Redis and PostgreSQL containers in the background with:

    docker-compose -f dev/redis-postgres.yml up -d

    You can also start either Redis or PostgreSQL, if you are running the other one directly on your system:

    docker-compose -f dev/redis-postgres.yml up -d redis
    # or
    docker-compose -f dev/redis-postgres.yml up -d postgresql

    When you want to stop the containers, run:

    docker-compose -f dev/redis-postgres.yml down
  3. Start the server with


This will continuously compile your code and live reload your locally running instance of Sourcegraph.

Navigate your browser to https://sourcegraph.test:3443 to see if everything worked.

If the script exits with errors or outputs errors, have a look at Troubleshooting.


Sourcegraph server is a collection of smaller binaries. The development server, dev/start.sh, initializes the environment and starts a process manager that runs all of the binaries. See the Architecture doc for a full description of what each of these services does. The sections below describe the dependencies you need to run dev/start.sh.

For Sourcegraph employees

You’ll need to clone sourcegraph/dev-private (which has convenient preconfigured settings and external services on an enterprise account) alongside the sourcegraph/sourcegraph repository, for example:

 |-- dev-private
 +-- sourcegraph

Note: Ensure that you have the latest changes from sourcegraph/dev-private as the secrets are updated from time to time. For example the following error is an indicator that there are new updated secrets in the repo that you might not have available locally:

14:43:03              repo-updater | ERROR source.list-repos, error: 1 error occurred:
14:43:03              repo-updater | 	* UnrecognizedClientException: The security token included in the request is invalid.
14:43:03              repo-updater | 	status code: 400, request id: 1aa331d7-42ff-4d21-9465-2483409f86b7

After the initial setup you can cd into sourcegraph and run enterprise/dev/start.sh instead of dev/start.sh.

The environment variables SITE_CONFIG_FILE, EXTSVC_CONFIG_FILE and GLOBAL_SETTINGS_FILE are paths that are read at startup. The content of the files will overwrite the respective setting. start.sh will set these files to point into dev-private. To avoid overwriting configuration changes done in Sourcegraph, you can set the environment variable DEV_NO_CONFIG=1.

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