Usage of Architecture Decision Records (ADRs)

This page is an ADR log. Read the first entry to learn about the reasoning and context behind the adoption of ADRs.

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To preserve order, individual documents are prefixed by the current epoch Unix timestamp.

  1. 2022-04-26 Record architecture decisions
  2. 2022-05-13 Use Go for scripting purposes
  3. 2022-05-24 Use Tech Radar
  4. 2022-06-23 Sunset Datadog integration
  5. 2022-06-28 Stop using Buildkite Analytics for backend tests
  6. 2022-07-08 Consolidate redis-store and redis-cache in a single instance
  7. 2022-07-21 Deprecate raw git commands in gitserver
  8. 2022-11-02 Audit log on top of structured logging
  9. 2022-11-22 Do not adopt git fork from Microsoft