Code intelligence features

Using our integrations, all code intelligence features are available everywhere you read code! This includes in browsers and GitHub pull requests.


Popovers allow you to quickly glance at the type signature and accompanying documentation of a symbol definition without having to context switch to another source file (which may or may not be available while browsing code).

Go to definition

When you click on the ‘Go to definition’ button in the popover or click on a symbol’s name (in the sidebar or code view), you will be navigated directly to the definition of the symbol.

Find references

When you select ‘Find references’ from the popover, a panel will be shown at the bottom of the page that lists all of the references found for both precise (LSIF or language server) and search-based results (from search heuristics). This panel will separate references by repository, and you can optionally group them by file.

Find implementations

If precise code intelligence is enabled for your repositories, you can click on “Find Implementations” to navigate to a symbol’s interface definition. If you’re at the interface definition itself, clicking on “Find Implementations” will show all the places where the interface is being implemented, allowing you to explore how it’s being used by other users across repositories. It can also show which interfaces a struct implements.

We use Ctags to index the symbols of a repository on-demand. These symbols are used to implement symbol search, which will match declarations instead of plain-text.

Symbol sidebar

We use Ctags to index the symbols of a repository on-demand. These symbols are also used for the symbol sidebar, which categorizes declarations by type (variable, function, interface, etc). Clicking on a symbol in the sidebar jumps you to the line where it is defined.