API docs for your code

API documentation generated for all your code

Sourcegraph uses LSIF code intelligence to generate API documentation for all your code, giving you the ability to navigate and explore the APIs provided by repositories.

🚀 Try it out

You can try out API docs on Sourcegraph.com here:

✨ Try API docs on your repository

Tweet us your Go repository name to @slimsag @sourcegraph and we’ll index and upload LSIF data for you, so you can try API docs on your repository! 🎉 – or do it yourself.

⚠️ Experimental status

API docs is an experimental feature of Sourcegraph. If you like this idea, have any feedback, please reach out:

We’re working hard to improve it rapidly, so your feedback will influence the future direction a lot!

✅ Supported languages

Language LSIF indexer Tutorial
Go lsif-go Index a Go repository

⏱️ Coming soon

If you’re interested in any of the following topics, please reach out - we’re still working on material for them as things are progressing quickly:

  • …how to add support for API docs to an LSIF indexer
  • …troubleshooting