Private Resources on AWS via AWS Private Link

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As part of the Enterprise tier, Sourcegraph Cloud supports connecting customer private resouces on AWS using AWS Private Link and managed site-to-site VPN solution between GCP (where Sourcegraph Cloud instances are hosted) and AWS, so that access to the private resource is secure and without the need to expose it to the public internet.

How it works

Sourcegraph Cloud is a managed service hosted on GCP. Sourcegraph creates a secure connection between customer AWS Virtual Private Cloud (AWS VPC) and a Sourcegraph-managed AWS account using AWS Private Link. Then, Sourcegraph maintains a secure connection between the Sourcegraph-managed AWS VPC and GCP Project via a managed highly available site-to-site VPN solution.



Initiate the process

Customer should reach out to their account manager to initiate the process. The account manager will work with the customer to collect the required information and initiate the process, including but not limited to:

  • The DNS name of the private code host, e.g. or private artifact registry, e.g.
  • The region of the private resource on AWS, e.g. us-east-1.
  • The type of the TLS certificate used by the private resource, one of self-signed by internal private CA, or issued by a public CA.

Create the VPC Endpoint Service

When a customer has private resources inside the AWS VPC and needs to expose it for Sourcegraph managed AWS VPC, customers can follow AWS Documentation. An example can be found from our handbook.

Sourcegraph will provide the Sourcegraph-managed AWS account ARN that needs to be allowlist in your VPC endpoint service, e.g., arn:aws:iam::$accountId:root.

The customer needs to share the following details with Sourcegraph:

  • VPC endpoint serivce name in the format of com.amazonaws.vpce.<REGION>.<VPC_ENDPOINT_SERVICE_ID>.

Upon receiving the detail, Sourcegraph will create a connection to the customer private resource, and Sourcegraph will follow up with the customer to confirm the connection is established.

Create the private resource connection

Once the connection to private code host is established, the customer can create the code host connection on their Sourcegraph Cloud instance.

Verify artifact registries are working

Once the connection to private artifact registry is established, customer might then verify that auto-indexing is working with private artifact registry by configuring auto-indexing


Advantages of AWS Private Link include:

  • connectivity to customer VPC is only available inside AWS network
  • ability to select AWS Principal (AWS Account or more granular) that can connect to customer code host
  • allows customer to control incoming connections

Why site-to-site VPN connection between GCP to AWS?

Advantages of the site-to-site GCP to AWS VPN include:

  • encrypted connection between Sourcegraph Cloud and customer code host
  • multiple tunnels to provide high availability between Cloud instance and customer code host

How can I restrict access to my private resource?

The customer has full control over the exposed service and they can may terminate the connection at any point.

What are the next steps when artifact registry connectivity is working?

Only if private artifact registry is protected by authentication, the customer will need to:

Can I use self-signed TLS certificate for my private resources?

Yes. Please work with your account team to add the certificate chain of your internal CA to site configuration at experimentalFeatures.tls.external.certificates.