AWS One-Click Installation for Sourcegraph

Launch a verified and pre-configured Sourcegraph instance with the following:

  • Root EBS volume with 50GB of storage
  • Additional EBS volume with 500GB of storage, for storing code and search indices
  • AWS Security Group
  • The latest version of Sourcegraph

Instance Size Chart

Determine the instance type required to support the number of users and repositories you have using this table. If you fall between two sizes, choose the larger of the two.

For example, if you have 8,000 users with 80,000 repositories, your instance size would be L. If you have 1,000 users with 80,000 repositories, you should go with size M.

Users <= 500 <= 1,000 <= 5,000 <= 10,000 <= 20,000
Repositories <= 5,000 <= 10,000 <= 50,000 <= 100,000 <= 250,000
Recommended Type m6a.2xlarge m6a.4xlarge m6a.8xlarge m6a.12xlarge m6a.24xlarge
Minimum Type m6a.2xlarge m6a.2xlarge m6a.4xlarge m6a.8xlarge m6a.12xlarge

Click here to see the completed list of AMI IDs published in each region.

Deploy Sourcegraph


  1. Create an EC2 Key Pair


  1. Choose an AWS Region in the launcher below
  2. Click on the Launch Stack button
  3. Select an SSH Keypair
  4. Select a Sourcegraph Instance Size according to the sizing chart.

🎉 You can now start a Sourcegraph instance by clicking on the Create Stack button 🎉



Follow the manual ami networking instructions to configure a domain and SSL.


Follow the manual ami instructions to upgrade your instance.

Manual deploy on AWS EC2

Click here to view install instructions for deploying on AWS EC2 manually.