Upgrade Sourcegraph on Docker Compose

This document describes the process to update a Docker Compose Sourcegraph instance. If you are unfamiliar with sourcegraph versioning or releases see our general concepts documentation.

⚠️ Attention: Always consult the release notes for the versions your upgrade will pass over and end on.

Standard upgrades

A standard upgrade occurs between a Sourcegraph version and the minor or major version released immediately after it. If you would like to jump forward several versions, you must perform a multi-version upgrade instead.

If you've configured Docker Compose with a release branch, please merge the upstream release tag for the next minor version into your release branch. In the following example, the release branch is being upgraded to v3.43.2.

# first, checkout the release branch
git checkout release
# fetch updates
git fetch upstream
# merge the upstream release tag into your release branch
git checkout release
git merge v3.43.2

Address any merge conflicts you might have

For each conflict, you need to reconcile any customizations you made with the updates from the new version. Use the information you gathered earlier from the change log and changes list to interpret the merge conflict and to ensure that it doesn't over-write your customizations. You may need to update your customizations to accommodate the new version.

Clone the updated release branch to your server

SSH into your instance and navigate to the appropriate folder:

cd /home/ec2-user/deploy-sourcegraph-docker/docker-compose
# Azure, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud
cd /root/deploy-sourcegraph-docker/docker-compose

Download all the latest docker images to your local docker daemon:

$ docker-compose pull --include-deps

Restart Docker Compose using the new minor version along with your customizations:

$ docker-compose up -d --remove-orphans

Multi-version upgrades

If you are upgrading to Sourcegraph 5.1 or later, we encourage you to perform an automatic multi-version upgrade. The following procedure has been automated, but is still applicable should errors occur in an automated upgrade.

⚠️ Attention: please see our cautionary note on upgrades, if you have any concerns about running a multiversion upgrade, please reach out to us at [email protected] for advisement.

To perform a manual multi-version upgrade on a Sourcegraph instance running on Docker compose follow the procedure below:

  1. Check Upgrade Readiness:

  2. Disable Connections to the Database:

    • Run the following command in the directory containing your docker-compose.yaml file.
$ docker-compose stop && docker-compose up -d pgsql codeintel-db codeinsights-db
  1. Run Migrator with the upgrade command:

    • The following procedure describes running migrator in brief, for more detailed instructions and available command flags see our migrator docs.
    1. Set the migrator image: in your docker-compose.yaml to the latest release of migrator. Example:
      container_name: migrator
      image: 'index.docker.io/sourcegraph/migrator:5.0.4'

    Note: Always use the latest image version of migrator for migrator commands, except the startup command up

    1. Set the migrator command: to upgrade you'll need to supply a --to= argument. Example:
    command: ['upgrade', '--from=v4.1.2', '--to=v4.4.0']

    Note: you may add the --dry-run flag to the command: to test things out before altering the dbs

    1. Run migrator with docker-compose up migrator Example:
    $ ~/deploy-sourcegraph-docker/docker-compose/ docker-compose up migrator
    codeintel-db is up-to-date
    codeinsights-db is up-to-date
    pgsql is up-to-date
    Recreating migrator ... done
    Attaching to migrator
    migrator                         | ❗️ An error was returned when detecting the terminal size and capabilities:
    migrator                         |
    migrator                         |    GetWinsize: inappropriate ioctl for device
    migrator                         |
    migrator                         |    Execution will continue, but please report this, along with your operating
    migrator                         |    system, terminal, and any other details, to:
    migrator                         |      https://github.com/sourcegraph/sourcegraph/issues/new
    migrator                         |
    migrator                         | ✱ Sourcegraph migrator 4.4.0
    migrator                         | 👉 Migrating to v4.3 (step 1 of 2)
    migrator                         | 👉 Running schema migrations
    migrator                         | ✅ Schema migrations complete
    migrator                         | 👉 Running out of band migrations [17 18]
    ✅ Out of band migrations complete
    migrator                         | 👉 Migrating to v4.4 (step 2 of 2)
    migrator                         | 👉 Running schema migrations
    migrator                         | ✅ Schema migrations complete
    migrator                         | migrator exited with code 0
  2. Pull and merge upstream changes:

    • Follow the standard upgrade procedure to pull and merge upstream changes from the version you are upgrading to to your release branch.
    • ⚠️ Attention: merging upstream changes should set the migrator image: version back to the release you are upgrading to, and the command: should be set back to up, this is necessary to start your instance again.
  3. Start your containers again:

    • run docker-compose up -d in the folder containing your docker-compose.yaml file.
    $ docker-compose up -d