AWS One-Click Installation for Sourcegraph

Launch a verified and pre-configured Sourcegraph instance with the following:

  • Root EBS volume with 50GB of storage
  • Additional EBS volume with 500GB of storage, for storing code and search indices
  • The latest version of Sourcegraph

You only need to choose your VPC and SSH Key-Pair to get started.


  1. Choose an AWS Region in the launcher below
  2. Click on the Launch Stack button
  3. Select or create a new key pair
  4. Select or create a new security group with auto-assign public IP enabled

πŸŽ‰ You can now start a Sourcegraph instance by clicking on the Launch instance button πŸŽ‰


Coming soon Set up a Sourcegraph instance in one click

Manual deploy on AWS EC2

Click here to view install instructions for deploying on AWS EC2 manually.