Sourcegraph user invitations

Starting in Sourcegraph v3.38, the homepage offers the ability for users to invite collaborators:


How it works

The collaborators you see are determined based on your repository's Git commit history. We sample a few random repositories and use some heuristics to suggest collaborators you may want to invite to Sourcegraph.

When a user is invited, no additional permissions are granted: they merely receive an email informing them that the Sourcegraph instance exists. When the invited user visits Sourcegraph, they will have to sign in using the configured authentication providers.

If "allowSignup": false, is configured in any of your authentication providers, user invitations are disabled entirely.


You can disable user invitations for all users by setting the feature flag to false in your global user settings at e.g. with the following:

  "experimentalFeatures": {
    "homepageUserInvitation": false,

Teams on can disable this via Your organizations > Settings using the same configuration.

Individuals can disable this in their user settings at using the same configuration.

If you have any feedback on how we can improve this feature, please let us know!