Creating a Sourcegraph extension

First, set up your development environment so you're ready for creating and publishing.

What is a Sourcegraph extension?

A Sourcegraph extension is a single JavaScript file that has an exported activate function. It is called by the extension runtime if the extension's activation conditions are satisfied.

// my-extension.js
export function activate() {
  console.log('my-extension activated');

A build tool, such as Parcel, bundles this code for module loading and puts the exported file into a dist directory. A package.json is required for dependencies, configuration, and metadata. Now the extension is ready for publishing.

You can use any build tool you wish, so long as it meets these requirements.

Creating an extension the easy way

The easiest way to get an extension ready to publish is to use the Sourcegraph extension creator:

mkdir my-extension
cd my-extension
npm init sourcegraph-extension

Follow the prompts, and when complete, you'll have the following files:

├── node_modules
├── package-lock.json
├── package.json
├── src
│   └── my-extension.ts
├── tsconfig.json
└── .eslintrc.json

Description of generated files

The src directory and activate function

A src directory has been created; it contains a TypeScript file with an exported activate function.

For simplicity, the extension will always activate. See the activation documentation to configure your extension's activation.

For code layout, a single TypeScript/JavaScript file is usually all you'll need. For larger projects, create multiples files in the src directory, and Parcel will bundle them into a single JavaScript file.

The is the content for your extension page in the extension registry. See the Codecov extension for a great example.


The Sourcegraph extension creator generates a minimal and production ready package.json used for extension metadata and configuration.

.eslintrc.json and tsconfig.json

These are configuration files for linting and TypeScript compilation and will be sufficient for most extensions.

Debugging a Sourcegraph extension

See Debugging an extension.

Next steps