How to add, enable or disable an experimental feature

This document will take you through how to add, enable, or disable an experimental feature in Sourcegraph. Experimental features are not fully released, but we welcome your feedback at [email protected] or on twitter @sourcegraph!


  • This document assumes that Sourcegraph is installed
  • Assumes you have site-admin privileges on the instance

Steps to enable/disable

  1. Navigate to Site Admin > Global settings in the UI, or follow this link format for your externalUrl/site-admin/global-settings
  2. Scroll down to find where experimentalFeatures is located. Example:
"experimentalFeatures": {
    "searchStreaming": true,
    "showSearchContext": false,
  1. Locate the feature you would like to disable or enable, setting true for enable or false for disable.
  2. If adding a feature, follow the format "featureName": true,
  3. After changing the values in Site admin > Global settings, the frontend will either restart automatically or you might be asked to restart the frontend for the changes to take effect.
  4. For more information, see Editing global settings for site-admins

Further resources