Site admins can link and sync Git repositories on Gitolite with Sourcegraph so that users can search and navigate the repositories.

To connect Gitolite to Sourcegraph:

  1. Set up git SSH authentication for your gitolite server.
  2. Go to Site admin > Manage repositories > Add repositories
  3. Select Gitolite.
  4. Configure the connection to Gitolite using the action buttons above the text field, and additional fields can be added using Cmd/Ctrl+Space for auto-completion. See the configuration documentation below.
  5. Press Add repositories.



	// A list of repositories to never mirror from this Gitolite instance. Supports excluding by exact name ({"name": "foo"}).
	"exclude": null,
	// Other example values:
	// - [
	//     {
	//       "name": "myrepo"
	//     },
	//     {
	//       "pattern": ".*secret.*"
	//     }
	//   ]

	// Gitolite host that stores the repositories (e.g., [email protected], ssh://[email protected]:2222/).
	"host": null,
	// Other example values:
	// - "[email protected]"
	// - "ssh://[email protected]:2222/"

	// This is DEPRECATED
	"phabricator": null,

	// This is DEPRECATED
	"phabricatorMetadataCommand": null,

	// Repository name prefix that will map to this Gitolite host. This should likely end with a trailing slash. E.g., "".
	// It is important that the Sourcegraph repository name generated with this prefix be unique to this code host. If different code hosts generate repository names that collide, Sourcegraph's behavior is undefined.
	"prefix": null
	// Other example values:
	// - ""