Quickstart for Browser Extensions

Get started with our Browser Extension in 5 minutes or less


Use one of the following links to install the Sourcegraph Browser Extension for your favourite browser.

Install Sourcegraph for Chrome

Install Sourcegraph for Safari

Install Sourcegraph for Firefox

Configure to use your Sourcegraph instance

By default, the browser extension communicates with sourcegraph.com, which has only public code.

To use the browser extension with your private repositories, you need to set up a private Sourcegraph instance and connect the extension to it.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Install Sourcegraph. Skip this step if you already have a private Sourcegraph instance.
  2. Click the Sourcegraph extension icon in the browser toolbar on the browser tab for your private Sourcegraph instance then open the settings page.
  3. Enter the URL (including the protocol) of your Sourcegraph instance (such as https://sourcegraph.example.com)
  4. Make sure the connection status shows "Looks good!"

Grant permissions for your code host

  • GitHub.com - no action required.
  • GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, Bitbucket Server, Bitbucket Data and Phabricator - you need to grant the extension permissions first.

To grant these permissions:

  1. Navigate to any page on your code host.
  2. Right-click the Sourcegraph icon in the browser extension toolbar.
  3. Click "Enable Sourcegraph on this domain".
  4. Click "Allow" in the permissions request popup.