Welcome to Sourcegraph

This is a compilation of the most important information you will need to get started.

Sync Code Hosts

Sourcegraph is nothing without your code, so connecting your code hosts is crucial.

How to connect to…

Inviting users and SSO

A team is essential when using Sourcegraph. Be sure to spread the word and get everybody in.

Setting up SSO

Sourcegraph supports out-of-the-box support for different auth providers. Our documentation provides guidance on how to setup these.

You may not have the right privileges or role in your team to set this up. In that case, you could invite someone with the right privileges and make them a site-admin.

Inviting Single Users

Getting users into Sourcegraph is easy, you just need to navigate to:

Site AdminUsers and authUsers+ Create user

Setup Email Server

By default the Sourcegraph instance cannot send emails. So features like password resets, email invites and email code monitors will not work.

Learn Sourcegraph

Extra resources that we think are helpful:

Community and Support

Join our discord server. If you need support, reach to via [email protected].