How to use ARC Toolkit

ARC Toolkit is an accessibility testing tool that lets us quickly and efficiently evaluate pages for accessibility and uncover any potential issues.

It is currently only available as a browser extension for Chrome.


  1. Enable the browser extension for Chrome through the following link: ARC Toolkit
  2. Check that ARC Toolkit is available in Chrome DevTools.


Here is a useful tutorial video that explains how to use this tool: How to use ARC Toolkit

In summary:

  • Open the Toolkit through the "ARC Toolkit" tab in Chrome DevTools.
  • Click "Run Tests" to start an audit on the current webpage.
    • Note: tests will not automatically rerun when the page is interacted with.
  • In the left panel, click on a test group to see specific information (e.g. any problems related to Headings).
  • Use this to filter the audit to a section of the accessibility checklist that you are interested in.
  • In the right panel, view all warnings and errors related to a specific test group.
    • Use this to quickly find significant errors and drill down to individual problems on the page.