Writing an ADR

Great! You've decided to write an ADR. To get started:

  1. Create an ADR with sg adr create [title], or create one manually
  2. Keep it short and sweet; ADRs are meant to be brief and easy to digest. Check out the other ADRs for inspiration!
  3. Open a PR and ask for feedback. Tag the people familiar with the specific area to verify that your decision record correctly captures the decision made.

Manual creation

  1. Add a new ADR file to this folder (.md format)
  2. Use the following name: {{timestamp}}-short-decision-summary.md (grab the timestamp from this page)
  3. Use the template below for writing an ADR

ADR template

# {{index}}. {{title}}

Date: {{YYYY-MM-DD}}

## Context

## Decision

## Consequences