4. Sunset Datadog integration

Date: 2022-06-23


RFC 575 led to implement a Datadog POC, in an effort to decrease the proliferation of and unify the observability tooling used for operating Sourcegraph instances within Sourcegraph.

Reasons to not got further with the POC:

  • We have been underutilizing the platform quite heavily
  • The DevOps team no longer exists so we would need to find a new owner for this service soon.
  • Unfavourable consensus around its usability.
    • datadog's log search/viewer is really clunky and just doesn’t do the job well for me
    • you can't see fields alongside a log message, and the UI being a complete disaster
  • Moving toward MI as our main priority.

GCP Logs were envisioned but there was a strong push back, as its usuabilty was judged quite bad by teammates who worked with it.


Sunset Datatog and drop all related code.