Cody troubleshooting guide

Here are common troubleshooting steps to run before filing Cody bugs on the issue tracker or asking in our Discord. (We're always happy to help, though!)

VS Code extension

Cody is not responding in chat

  1. Ensure you are on the latest version of the Cody VS Code extension. You can run the VS Code command Extensions: Check for Extension Updates to check.
  2. Check the VS Code error console for relevant error messages. To open it, run the VS Code command Developer: Toggle Developer Tools and then look in the Console for relevant messages.

Errors trying to install Cody on MacOS

If you are getting:

Command 'Cody: Set Access Token' resulted in an error

command 'cody.set-access-token' not found
  1. Close VS Code
  2. Open Keychain
  3. Search for cody
  4. Delete the vscodesourcegraph.cody-ai entry in the System keychain on the left.
  5. Try opening VS Code again

Opening up Keychain Access

Codebase is Not Indexed

If you are logged into, only public open source repositories on this list are indexed. Please join the Sourcegraph Discord and message the #embeddings-indexing channel to get an open source repository added to the public index.

If you’re connected to a Sourcegraph Enterprise instance, please ask your site admin to Configure Code Graph Context for your Sourcegraph instance and then Enable Cody for your account.

If you're connected to the Cody app, you can trigger indexing for a repository by adding the repo to your app under Settings > Local repositories, navigating to Settings > Advanced settings > Embeddings jobs in the app, and scheduling embedding. If your repo has no git remote or still shows as Not Indexed, you'll need to follow the step below to set Cody: Codebase to the repository name as displayed at Settings > Local repositories in the Cody App.

If you've completed the above and still seeing your codebase showing up as NOT INDEXED, try updating the Cody: Codebase (cody.codebase) setting in VS Code to the repository name as listed on your Sourcegraph instance.

For more information, see Generate Index to Enable Codebase-Aware Answers.

Signin fails on each VS Code restart

If you are automatically signed out of Cody upon every VS Code restart due to keychain authentication issues, please follow the suggested steps detailed in the official VS Code docs on troubleshooting keychain issues to resolve this.

Autocomplete Rate limits

Cody supports 1,000 suggested autocompletions per day, per user. For Sourcegraph Enterprise instances, this rate limit is pooled across all users.

If you hit the rate limit, please wait a bit and try again later. You can also contact Sourcegraph Support to discuss increasing your rate limit for your use case.