Quick links

It is sometimes desirable to display links that are quickly accessible to users on the homepage and search page, e.g. links to:

  • Important repositories in your organization
  • Internal documentation you have about Sourcegraph
  • Other links you think your Sourcegraph users would often want quick access to

Sourcegraph supports setting these quicklinks at 3 different levels:

  • By site admins for all users: in the Global settings in the site admin area.
  • By organization admins for all organization members: in the organization profile Settings section
  • By users for themselves only: in the user profile Settings section

You can display these links by setting the quicklinks property to a JSON array of {name, url} objects. The url may be any valid URL or URL path.

For example, this JSON will create two quick links:

  // ...
  "quicklinks": [
      "name": "ACMECorp main repo",
      "url": "/github.com/acmecorp/main-repository"
      "name": "ACMECorp Sourcegraph docs",
      "url": "https://dev.acme.com/docs/sourcegraph"
  // ...

After editing and saving the settings JSON, you can view the new links on the homepage or search results page.