Quickstart step 6: Start the server

cd sourcegraph

This will continuously compile your code and live reload your locally running instance of Sourcegraph.

Navigate your browser to https://sourcegraph.test:3443 to see if everything worked.


Sourcegraph server is a collection of smaller binaries. The development server, dev/start.sh, initializes the environment and starts a process manager that runs all of the binaries. See the Architecture doc for a full description of what each of these services does. The sections below describe the dependencies you need to run dev/start.sh.

For Sourcegraph employees

You'll need to clone sourcegraph/dev-private (which has convenient preconfigured settings and external services on an enterprise account) alongside the sourcegraph/sourcegraph repository, for example:

 |-- dev-private
 +-- sourcegraph

After the initial setup you can run enterprise/dev/start.sh instead of dev/start.sh.

The environment variables SITE_CONFIG_FILE, EXTSVC_CONFIG_FILE and GLOBAL_SETTINGS_FILE are paths that are read at startup. The content of the files will overwrite the respective setting. start.sh will set these files to point into dev-private. To avoid overwriting configuration changes done in Sourcegraph, you can set the environment variable DEV_NO_CONFIG=1.

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